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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Dickie Daredevil

My oh my, Granny had some adventurous grandchildren. Today, you get to meet Little Dickie Daredevil. He is always showing up in the crazzziest places. This child fears nothing. As soon as I turn my back he is climbing onto the ceiling fan!

Then he sneaks into the freezer..

Clambering upon the candelabra...

Scaling cocktail stirrers....

Flying on an airplane, and catching a ride on a near-by Pterodactyl. 

Oh no! Little Dickie got dizzy and fell off the dinosaur! Not to worry, he landed on a soft surface.

But then he was off on his terrible tear again!

We found him in  the dryer mounting the bvd's...

And then one cold winter day, Little Dickie climbed into the mask of a passing by Grizzly Man, and despite my warnings, he traveled out into the perilous, frigid winter, where I'm sure he perished from frost bite.

 But, who knows, perhaps Little Dickie Daredevil is much cleverer than we think. We shall see if he returns in the spring.

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