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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Granny/Mother doll

Granny doll was made by me. It was back in the day when Granny, aka my Mother, used to control the family. Notice the puppet bars in her hands?

Attached to each string is me,along with my siblings and their families (spouse, children.)

Granny/Mother, was quite the puppeteer in her day. She could single handedly help her grandchildren create a play or video, while counceling a son and his family relationship on the phone, while drinking cocktails with her husband and tell a daughter and her spouse, who are seated on the couch, exactly what to say to the realtor when he calls.
Even if we didn't come to her seeking advice, she felt it was her moral duty as a mother to give her opinion, and choose the right words for us to use to amend each situation.

Of course, that was all then. This is now, and here she is meeting the original Granny/Mother!

Granny/Mother, is 88, wheelchair bound, and living each day in a delightful fog! She is quite happy that things fall out of her brain as fast as they arrive....and satisfied that she no longer has to be concerned with other people's comings and goings.
AND Granny/ Mother doll is content to go back to the doll cabinet, where she can find some other unsuspecting doll victim, and run it's life!

Thank you Grannys!

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