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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Little Belgian, Luna

Luna has an eating disorder. She doesn't seem to mind if anyone calls attention to it either. She just says,"Oh goed, ben ik hongerig." (meaning' Oh well, I'm hungry'.)

Luna was born in Belgiam in 1926, so I suppose at that time, food was a meager commodity. I find her sneaking around my kitchen at all odd hours. Today, she was in the cookie jar.

Not many cookies when she was done....

This morning I caught her in the fridge "taking inventory."

Then she was onto the Tai Pei for a mid-morning snack.

Later, I found her with leftover pie.

During the late show on tv, she had onion rings!

At midnight, she tired of our usual fare and went to the 'Kit Cat Club!'

I finally got hold of her and said, "Luna, get ahold of your cravings! Your such a sweet girl, you have loads of personality! You have a beautiful face. You have that cute, uh, Belgin outfit.. .And why is it that you are from Belgiam, but we call you Belgian? Anyway, don't destroy yourself over eating. Life is too short.... and so are you. Maybe something with long lines to bring out your cheekbones. "

So, she decided that I was right, and sent out for some weight loss pills. 

I told her that tomorrow, was the first day of the rest of her life, and she asked me "Wat is dan vor ontdijt?" (meaning, 'What would then be for breakfast?') I'll show her where the treadmill is....

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