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Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is Kuwanyamtia...Hopi for  "beautiful badger going over the hill." You can imagine what her parents were viewing at her birth....or conception.....or maybe too many brownies passed around the birth room.

She is a little ceramic bundle who has mastered the art of being a Native American. Here she poses with one of her wonderful weavings.

And in this photo, we see her with her crafty personification of Native American arts: birch bark canoes.

She wows people at county fairs with her beautiful saddle carving!

 Little Kuwanya(etc)...has mastered Native American beadery!

She has followed in her ancestors footsteps, learning how to provide for her family. Kuwan can
kill and skin an animal in 12 minutes, and have it
made into a teepee throw or
 stew tar-tar for 5,
 in a half hour or less.

At night she sits around the campfire learning the ways of the elders. They are oh so wise in their ages; years of wisdom gleaned from their ancestors. They say to little Kuwanyamtia, "Oh little, round Kuwanyamtia, you have learned many trades of the native people. You are wise within your years. You apply yourself to many trades which will do you well in the coming years. Another cunning badger might snap you up as a fortuitous catch for his wig-wam.  But before you find yourself saddled with burdens in this modern Native American life, take some time to smell the corn husks. Go and and learn from the Potowatamis, Choctaw, Ojjibwa. learn the ways which keep bread on their tables, milk in their babies mouths. Go over the hill, little beaver and come back to share your knowledge."

And she did.

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