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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy/Sad Baby Doll

This is my old baby doll, where I'm sure I learned how to get my own way at a very young age. I don't recall his name, but I recently discovered the little one just LOVES kitties.

                  When there's a kitty around, he's happy, but when there's no kitty, he's blue.

So naturally, he found Tippy, our cat, and tortured her, by tracking and sleeping with her all day yesterday.

He found her on the couch...
And he was very happy...until she left to go eat.

Then he followed her to her food dish!

And he was very happy...until she left to go sleep on our bed...

But little one found her! And he was very happy, until she left!

It wasn't too long before the stalking began again. He found her in the art room on a canvas tarp.

And then.....Tippy bolted!

She crawled under the covers on our bed to hide away, but it didn't work!

Little one found her, so she ditched again!

 Now I don't know where the two of them are. Perhaps I'll sneak through the house to get a candid up to date shot, and then I'll cut Tippy some slack and return little happy/sad to Granny's doll cabinet. 

Found them!

Well, I don't know, Tippy doesn't look too miserable, does she? Cat's new best friend, a little stuffed happy/sad doll.

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