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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Henrietta Hedgehog

Today we meet Henrietta hedgehog!

Henrietta was born with ice skates on her feet, so what else could she do, but skate and skate! Preferring indoor skating rinks I found Henrietta traipsing hither and yon around our house, looking for  perfect "ice."

This one was a little too small...

This one with extreme reflection showed off her undies!

Attempting a flying camel turned out too dangerous on the popcorn bowl!

This one was tooooo high off the ground!

Then I caught her scaling a huge mirror in the living room.  I was quick to point out to Henrietta, the law of gravity, and she was quick to point out that it was none of my business!
It seemed the little hedgehog had developed quite an ego in her years of skating trials.

But wait, I don't think she actually climbed up there to skate, for low and behold, I caught her in the bathroom near the medicine cabinet!

After that, I caught her gazing at herself at the mirror in my bedroom! 

"Really Henrietta," I said, "You need to stop mooning over yourself and get to work on your Compulsory Figures!"

She uttered a rumbling, Humpf!", and took off for the doll cabinet. I thought perhaps that was just as well, her going back in, and then I realized she was skating on the open door of the cabinet!

Back and forth, forth and back, axels, layback spins, flying lutzs, salchows, twizzles and toe loop jumps!

Well, you can imagine the 'Hrumfs' from the puffed egos of the celebrity dolls inside the cabin! Little Shirley Temple decided she would be the spokesperson to handle the situation.  So, she came out, fluffed up her skirt, and sat on Henrietta! Then she said in her sweetest child voice, "There now baby, we've just performed a Death spiral!"

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