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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Here is a Pathan. You ask, what's a Pathan? Well, let me tell you, this one, who we will call Mandir, is from Sholapur, India and he came with this note attached to his rear, and I quote:
"A Pathan, whose native home was in the North West Fronteer Provinces, which is now a part of Pakistan. Since independence the Pathan moneylender, otherwise known as the walking bank has been debarred from loaning money since he charged such high rates of interest and took the law into his own hands to collect it by the aid of his big stick. He was especially popular at the time of weddings."

Hmmmmmm. Not sure I like this doll......
And sooner than I could say, "Jack Robinson," he was at a wedding throwing his big stick around.

And sooner than I could say "This little piggy went to market," he was attacking the piggy bank, demanding left over change.

And sooner than I could say, "Mary, Jesus and Joseph," he was at the church taxing the donation funds!

And sooner than I could say, "Johnny get your gun, get your gun, get your gun," in walked John and Madir told him to fork it over. Johnny's pockets showed him his bank was wiped out!

And sooner than I could say, "How do you make a hormone...Don't pay her," along comes Tintinabulla, and guess who is creeping up behind her?

 But don't worry Mr. Madir Pathan man, here in America, we have more lawful, civilized ways of collecting money and paying taxes. We don't need your little scrawny stick and your fancy-schmancy turban and cute upturned chizzled mustache. We have people downtown who hold BIGGER sticks!

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