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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hodel Doll

You remember Hodel, the middle daughter from Fiddler On the Roof? She went off to Russia with Perchik, that crazy, rebellious student of the revolution. Well, my Hodel doll from the doll cabinet has other aspirations. She wants to be a star!

In fact Hodel predates Susan Boyl of England's Got Talent. Hodel had been singing "Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me A Match, " at every flea bitten talent contest, when she was picked up by a talent agency.

 They set to work reinventing her image.
First they went to work on her hair, washing, dying, cutting...Hodel, you MUST remove the babushka.

Then, the wonder of makeup...

After that, a manicure and pedicure...Hodel, you MUST remove your work boots.

Wardrobe following, of course...Thank you lovely assistant....

 Next, picking the perfect music....

 Finally, backers for the show....

A Star is BORN!

Hodel Berkowitz becomes Hostel Burke! Ahh, the magic of show biz!

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