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Friday, February 11, 2011


So, Simone, the Can-Can girl was hanging around the kitchen last night, when JD came home from work. She immediately showed him her Can-Can, and he was smitten!

Even though Simone was in love, her competitor showed up and she had to kick a little derrière.  You see, Simone had a brown belt in karate'.

Along came LuLu, Hokey's X from the wild west. She studied Can-Can in gay Paree with Wild Bill's Traveling Side Show, in the 1890's. Simone couldn't stand competition, so she took LuLu down.

And wouldn't you know it, right after that circumstance, when Simone is at her most victorious moment, Claudine from the film Can-Can comes dancing through the kitchen. Simone was all over that cat fight! She secretly stacked her vantage point behind Claudine, and then WHAM!

No one wanted to mess with Simone. She had a reputation for being the meanest brown belt in the doll cabinet. She had early training from Ho Chi Min Trail, the Chinese Marshal Arts specialist, who used to beat Simone if she didn't perform quick enough.

Simone was ready to go back to her lover, JD, but along came one more  tu me casses les pieds... (yeah, you'll have to look that one up)....
Little Annie!

Simone seemed to be powerless over her; she couldn't knock the little snot down! So frustrated was she, she raced off into the living room to seemingly cry on JD's shoulder. But wait, what's this? She took out her frustrations on the one she loved the most!


And that was all JD could stand. He turned to Pretty Doll for consolation. 

Pretty Doll, when told the evil story of Simone, of course just said, "Ick!" And Simone, disappeared in to the night....

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