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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Horace Wilkey

Here stands Horace Wilkey, one of Her Majesty's Life Guard's
under the command of the Captain of the Queen's Guard.

Well, that is, he was under the direction of the Captain of the Guard, until Horace was overtaken by an unflattering disease called Narcolepsy.

Horace simply couldn't stay awake on guard! When the queen went out for a horsey ride, Horace was a asleep..

When another member of the guard marched over and 'accidentally' stabbed Horace in the eye, Horace stayed asleep!

When Montgomery of the Royal Candian Mounties came over, Horace was out like a light.

When Napoleon Bonaparte strolled over, Horace didn't budge.

When the Buddha came by, Horace was in a transcendental state!

And then for some strange reason, perhaps it was a breath of fresh air, or maybe the nauseating perfumes of excessive bubbles, but when Annie strolled by, Horace came to...

just barely....

And that's when he was let go. So, he moved to America where he could pick up a side job guarding another Queen.....

Nite nite, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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