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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Junkie Monkey

Meet Socrates aka the Junkie Monkey!

He is a thrift store/auction/trash heap/tag sale junkie!!!!
He combs through the paper to find the latest and greatest destination for his junk habit.

Socrates has 5 warehouses, a garage, 2 pole sheds, a house, basement, and summer home, filled with collections. That's why people call him, Junkie Monkey.

Maybe his obsessions began when he was born. You see, he was a used sock, and someone made him into a baby monkey..

His collections seem to know no bounds. He collects almost anything and everything, as long as he thinks he can make it into something else, sort of his family legacy.

He's watched the reality shows on hoarding, selling warehouses and antique picking, and they just seem to bring him more inspiration!

I find him delighted to be in the doll cabinet, because he feels most at home surrounded by lots of anything.

He peers out the window when I bring something new into the house.

Someday, I think I'll come home to a cleaned out house...

which might now be too bad... I 'll know where to find my stuff. I'll just ask Junkie Money.

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