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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is Hank. He's an artist. I think I heard once where he came from and what his last name, was, but... neither of us can remember the story, so I guess all you get today is Hank.

Hank has been an artist for quite sometime, says he. He's a mural artist! Here he is with one of his Postmodernism's for the local cafe.

Now way back when during the dawn of hallucinogenics, before Postmodernism, Marxism, Realism, Hyperbolism, Autism, Flamboyishism, Nudism and any other ism, ism's, Hank was a hippy...go figure, huh? Donning his madras caftan, he toked among the California redwoods...

And later, in his very enlightened stage, Hank cleaned redwood splinters out of his shorts and  moved to the ocean.

There, he grew out his dreads and doobied on the beach of the Carmel sands....

But alas, all of us grow up, and Hank joined the ranks of modern establishment. He cut off his dreadlocks and his afro, went through a 7 step program, and then in 1999, reversed the program, becoming the only post hippy, postmodernist, posthumous, postponed person to go through a 14 step program.
Today, he's back to his murals....

Unfortunately, the way economy's go, Hank recently  has had to make a living painting plain walls plain. 
Now, both of us are hoping for an economic boom, to enable the artists of the world to do what they do best, but Hank will keep plugging away, the only way he remembers how....

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