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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Little Hungarian Corn Husk Girls

Meet the Hungarian Corn husk dolls. My Mother used to LOVE this kind of stuff. Thank heavens she put them in the doll cabinet, or they would have a 2" layer of dust built in the corn layers.

As you can see, they come with brooms. What do you do when you are created with a broom?


And sweep they do!

I took them to my work today and they set off sweeping, sweeping, sweeping...

In the plumbing department.

In the tile department.

In the dry wall department

In the used window department.

Sweeping off shelving. 

Sweeping out the back room.

And then I brought them home and they weren't even done yet! I found them cleaning up after the cat.

Then they were sweeping my coffee table. Honestly, even though I have them listed for sale on ebay, I am thinking maybe I need to rethink this and keep them around to work for me a little while longer...they must have very hardy corn in Hungary!

The girls told me an old Hungarian saying, " Of corn in corn, the chicken fills the craw." 

Yeah, okay, keep sweeping.

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