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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hepna and Elmira, the bodiless Twins.

Do you remember Hepna and Elmira? I introduced them to the Faceless Man back in January.

Today, they wanted to come out and spread their wings. They decided that one of their mutual hearts desires would be to take a long walk around the block. Such a simple desire...
unless you are a disembodied heads....

Even though I knew the serious extent of their well-wishes,  I thought I would humor them and try to find some modus operandi to offer them a little peace of mind.

First, we tried John's Valentine candy.
They thought I was 'sweet' for thinking of it, but it wasn't going to work.

Then, the bird candelabra came to mind.

This shed some 'light' on the subject, but since the birds were stationary metal, it was a useless tool. The birds were voted the best ride in park, however.

A natural brainstorm came from the disembodied hands. They needed heads and the twins needed bodies!
They just couldn't 'grasp' this idea.

Off to our bedroom, where matching cowboy pillows might offer the obvious solution.

But no, they had to 'sleep' on this idea.

So, we went to the refrigerator. I suggested two sunny, beautiful, Florida oranges.

Then Hepna said to Elmira, "What did one orange say to the other orange?"
Elmira said, "Does this orange make me look fat?"
And I said, "Orange you glad you don't have a body?"
And that was the end of that.

But they did look in the other refrigerator drawer, and there were 2 carrots. So they tried them on.
Elmira said to Hepna, "You are taller than me."
Hepna replied, "I don't carrot all."
 And then I said, "Confucius say 'Woman who cook with carrot and pea in same pot is very unsanitary.'
And that was pretty much the end of that bodily form.

Then the twins called me over to their shelf, and told me this:

"Who is not contained in any place; the timeless, the bodiless, the uncircumscript, the same who was and is; who was both above time, and came under time, and was invisible and is seen, and that great and long-suffering and formless bodiless nature will endure this, namely, my words as if of a body, and weaker than the truth."
And I said, "Soooo, does that mean the oranges are out?" 

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