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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nanook of the North

Here stands little Nanook, a long way from home. She came out of the doll cabinet in utter despair when she learned February was receiving a warm spell.

Nanook is Tlingit, what we call Eskimo. She travelled long ago by dogsled to Wisconsin. A long, arduous trip, she rejoiced in meeting other dolls with her skin, but they didn't talk, act or think like her, so she retreated to the doll cabinet, alone in her experience.

Nanook found comfort in the totem pole on the front porch.

But when she stepped outside, she found...
snow retreating....
and retreating...

What she feared most, was that she could not get back home before the snow melted. She gathered her strength and trudged through the snow to search for a path home.


And then, look ho, she found a sled to pull her home...
But no dogs to pull it.

Then around a bend, she found a Tlingit sign. It was a pile of rocks that symbolize welcome in her land. She was once again renewed and resolved that spring couldn't be all that bad. Now she's going back into the doll cabinet to wait for spring. Perhaps then, she will track polar bear in the mud, and eat seal blubber on the deck with a bottle of Leinie's in her hand!

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