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Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you remember
  Montgomery, of the Royal Canadian Mounties!

When we last met him, he was having sop-gum-fun dining on egg-foo-you-know-who at a Chinese restaurant with the Flying Nun.

Let me tell you, the little nun wasn't the first of Monty's exploits! 

A guy can get pretty lonely in the Canadian Rockies, believe me. Out in the woods, Monty got close to nature. I mean...close... 

Greek, being Monty's favorite food, 
became quite obvious when he met Stanasoppolus.

But after his meal, he turned his attentions to Tintinabulla, Canada's only flying belly dancer! You haven't lived until you've seen those gyrations 20 feet up!

Montgomery began seeing Tintinabulla, and 
showering her with the finest jewels.

But Monty's first mistake, became his last. He made the unfortunate decision to bring Tintinabulla out to his precious woods so the two could commune with nature. However, Tintinabulla thoroughly enjoyed communing, so Monty lost her forever to his favorite nature pal.

Alone again, and heaped with despair, Monty trekked back to his little cabin in the woods to contemplate his sad fate.

Yet, when the day was at it's darkest, Montgomery received a vision from a saintly man. He spoke: "Monty, thou must nots be so downest upon thy selfs. Thoust must follow this ball of light in my arm pit, for surely, it will send you wherest you needst to goeth, to findst true happiness and mirth and a little hotcha-cha!

And go, Monty did. He went straight away to Our Sister of Rapscallion, seeking refuge from the cold and the rain, and a little hotcha-cha. 

And there he met the Flying Nun!

Which I'm pretty sure brings us full circle in the story of...

Montgomery,  of the Royal Canadian Mounties! 

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