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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T F Wuzzie

This is the little bear who couldn't. He couldn't be big and he couldn't be black. All his life he wanted to be a big black bear, so he donned a black bear suit and has never taken it off.
 (whispered: Now, he really thinks he's a black bear. Shhhh, don't bring it up).

So, I don't know if it's because he is so small, or because he is really brown (whatever that means...), but T F has made it his mission to travel around the world and get photographed in front of really large things.
He recently invited me over to view his slide show.
Here are the highlights:

Coral Gables, Florida:

Allahabad, India:

  Rome, Italy:
And most exciting, a long lost buried statue from Pompeii:

Then there was the two harpies from Heraklion, Greece:

In Japan, he visited the burial grounds at Mt.Koya:

Yet, all the world travels combined still left this little insecure, misdirected bear sad and lonely. And we pulled into the driveway from the airport, his eyes lit up, his pulse raced and he began flying all around the car. He couldn't believe his eyes... 
I told him, "Little Wuzzie, I wanted to build up your self confidence; make you the happiest bear in the whole world, so I bought you a present!"
And there in the back yard was the biggest, blackest....
black bear he'd ever seen! TF Wuzzie was soooooooo elated.
Next, we will work on getting the black bear suit off. Baby bear steps...

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