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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Poor Cinderella-fella lived with his evil Step Mother and Step Sisters~the evil blinky-eyed dolls.

They made him do all the dirty work in the house. He washed the dishes, cooked the food, did their laundry,

and cleaned the toilets. Poor Cinderella-fella.

One day, after a full work shift, he was pouting in his bed, when a magic genie appeared.

It was Jambi..mech-a-lech-a-high-mecha-highnee-ho!

"Behold, I bring you great powers, oh poor begotten slave. I will make you the bell of the ball!"
Now, it just so happened, there was a ball that very night. The evil blinky Steps were all about it. Everyone was there, the Prince, (Monty of the Royal Canadians), Pinnochio, (the fem version), Wolfgang, (everyone's favorite party animal), and  of course the evil blinky Steps.
Boy, were they surprised when Cinderella-fella showed up!

Even more surprised were they, when he did exactly as Jambi had instructed. He danced "Walk Like An Egyptian," like no one ever had. Why, it was almost like he WAS Egyptian....oh yeah..
he is....
He caught Monty's eye, (and Pinocchio, the fem version's), and it so scared Cinderella-fella, he ran off, leaving one glass slipper... (seemingly a blessing from Jambi)

Monty took the slipper far and wide to find it's owner. He eventually happened upon the home of the blinky Steps, and inside, he found.... 


...and it was a perfect fit!

This was such wonderful news to Cinderella-fella, and he and Monty headed off into the sunset.
This was such terrible news to the blinky evil Steps, they all fell over and their evil blinky eyes opened no more!

Wolfgang, so enamoured with the tale....invested in a pair of ruby slippers, offered them to Pinocchio, (the fem version), who was so verklempt, he fainted/came too/and the pair ran off together (with the shoes!)....

....into the sunset.

Now THAT's a happy ending!!

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