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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perky/Pouty Baby Doll

You've met the Happy/Sad Baby Doll,

                                        and now meet the Perky/Pouty!

Here she is Perky....

...and if you squeeze her belly, she's pouty!

I asked her if she would like some ice cream. She was elated!

Then, I realized we were out of ice cream....woops!

Then I got out the cookies, and she was sooooo happy.

However, I had to tell her, that it was toooo close to her supper, and that brought about a pout.

The little baby doll got so excited to play with the dog!

Our dear little Maizy May, wanted no such thing! Bring on the pout!

The dog pouted too.

Then I said, "It's time to go back into the cabinet......" 

Poor little Pouty/Perky Baby Doll. 
Just remember, it takes more of my muscles than your muscles to pout~ than it takes for you to smile!

I guess that perked her right up!

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