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Monday, July 18, 2011

Molly O' Dolly

We think we're hot right about the wardrobe on this doll, Molly?
On the surface she dons a bonnet with a really long satin sash, over her mile long hair which is twisted and turned into an up-do. Her upper torso is wrapped in a velvet coat. 

She sports a taffeta dress to the ground, because, heaven forbid, an ankle would show.

Under her taffeta overskirt, is a perky polka dot slip made of tulle and more taffeta.

Under the slip, are.....
bloomers, made of the same quirky polka dots.

Under the bloomers...
Are toasty warm tights, so every inch of this woman, sans, her hands and face, are covered!
Of course, if this were real time, even her hands would be covered with gloves.

So, sweat away in the July heat wave, Molly O'Dolly! At least your virtue will be sacred!

Who could find it under all those layers?

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