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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Faceless Man Goes To the Antiques Roadshow!

The Antiques Roadshow rolled into Minneapolis on Saturday. The Faceless Man, having a very small sense of worth, decided he would go. When he arrived, there were long lines, and he pretty much felt like antique cattle, as the people were shuffled through theme park-esque lines.

As he arrived at the brink of the main room, they told him no cameras from now his journey can only be described as tales told from long ago.

After receiving his doll ticket, he was ushered to the doll line. As luck would have it, no one was in the doll line.

Faceless man stepped up. Tables surrounding the room of high end antique dealers from the BIG apple, pierced him with disdained eyes.

He spoke...they spoke....he thanked them....turned and walked away.

As luck would have cameras were allowed to capture Faceless Man's humility. Deemed worthless, as he suspected, he slumped back home to the doll cabinet.

Once again, I cradled him in my hands telling him, "Faceless Man, you are very valuable to me. All dolls are equal in my eyes. Someone created you with love, and you shall live out your humble life surrounded by my love and the loving dolls in the cabinet."

As he went back to the cabinet, the dolls were very silent...and then Mammy Belinda scooped Faceless Man up into her arms and gave him a great big Mammy bear hug.

 The Love Pony nuzzled him and all the dolls let out a great sigh. 

Yep, all dolls are created equal.


  1. We are glad Faceless Man came to Minneapolis, but sorry he only got to meet people from big cities on the East Coast.