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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Heads Meet Jambi!

A new meeting of the minds happened to day at ye old doll cabinet homestead. The bodiless dolls met Jambi, a new member of our 'figurine', so to speak, tribe.

Let me tell you, these dolls mat not have a body, but they can pack a walloping punch when six heads combine to chat.

Jambi, very excited to meet others in his torso-less existence remarked to the girls what wonderful opportunities they all possessed within their minds!
You all know Jambi's famous phrase "Mecha-lecha-high mecha-highnee-ho." It essencially means "May the blessings be." And so it is!

He spoke to Hepna and Elmira, the twins, expressing cudos to them for their clever hide and seek games ( blog 6/12/11).
And to Blenheim, the blonde, how remarkable, thought Jambi to have travelled the world in pursuit of other bodiless busts (blog 3/23/11). Why, what a stupendous feat to travel without a body, or magical powers Jambi offered!

While the dolls pondered all this information, Jambi went on: Glugen, he addressed next, explaining what a rare treasure she possessed with a 1/2 of a body and arms to hold the reins on wild flamingos! (blog 5/17/11)

 Lastly, he spoke to Agatha, the largest of brains; she has always felt so cow-ish around the delicate heads.
Jambi described how many more blessings she must hold within delicate porcelain locks of hair. He could see by her crystal blue eyes, that she indeed was the deepest thinker.
She turned to the others with a humble look. After that, the heads were a bit puffed up, yet quite contemplative. Jambi exposed them to a world they had not explored. A world from within, within their delicate heads.
Long live Jambi!

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