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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Mystery of Mini African Americans

~There are several miniatures in Granny's doll cabinet, and you have been introduced to most of them. I find the most mysterious to be a duo of black metal miniature dolls. They live in a small basket, shaped like a baby's bassinet.

So small are they, I had to lay them out on a napkin to show their comparative size to a penny.
I've named them Eentsie and Weenstie after the Eentsie Weentsie Spider.

As if their heritage, size, creation or purpose wasn't enough, they had a few tokens in their miniscule basket bed. I'm sure they arrived long after Eents and Weenst were created, but perhaps there is some connection to a story line...

~In the left is a flowered charm with a smattering of hearts. Perhaps, some child treasured it's all American colors and wished the boys to keep it safe with them, to remember a love of their country.

~At the top, is a wise old owl charm. He dons a studious cap of wily professors, granting knowledge to  our itty bitty dolls.

~Under all, is a birthday card, engraved on a small slab of silver plate. It's logo stems from a romantic era long gone, but I'm sure the recipient of this adorable charm would bring a smile to any size doll. 

Maybe Eentsie and Weentsie were born together in a blistering fire, forged by a metal worker with loving hands; satin ribbons lovingly tied around their necks.

I will tuck them and their tokens back into the wicker bed, and their mystery will live on...

Perhaps the next generation who inherits Granny's doll cabinet will seek out and discover their mystery. 

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