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Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Doll Meets An Art Star!

Red Doll received an invitation to an art show this weekend...featuring a VERY famous local artist. Her initials are CJC, and her work is locally renowned! Red Doll was very honored to have this privilege to rub elbows with working artists! Nothing says welcome like a Mama in an apron at the door!

Many people were milling about enjoying this gala event.

There was even a musician plunking out welcome music!

  Red Doll took it all in. Here she poses with an artist's sculpture. She fits right in! She imagined it to be an exotic cloak from bygone days of Florence Ziegfield!

She had a conversation with the artist's pet bird...

Then....Red Doll viewed the artist's self portrait...

....and along came....

the artist!!!

Quite the day for Red Doll! When she came home, she spread out her paint set, began to create, and she's still painting today!
Thanks CJC for your inspiration!

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