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Friday, July 8, 2011

Junky Monkey Meets the Camel

Junky Monkey was making the rounds one fine day, checking out the local junk, antique and thrift stores.

When he got to the thrift store, he found some of the old cronies hanging out in the stuffed animal department. So, junky Monkey sat down to  chew the fat.

When he got ready to leave, he discovered one of the dolls from the cabinet there. It was Camel, and he was grooving with the stuffies at the thrift store too.

Junky Monkey lives on a different shelf from Camel, so their paths hadn't crossed yet, but he recognized him right off.

So, when Camel went over to the fabric department, Junky Monkey hopped on over and right onto Camel's back! Camel was surprised, but pleased to meet a member of the cabinet.

Now, the two of them are fast friends, and Junky Monkey is going to introduce Camel to the Love Pony. I'm SURE it will be love at first sight!

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