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Thursday, July 7, 2011

No No Nanette, You have Much Fun!

Nanette...I played her role in high school in No No Nanette~hence the Nanette doll. She is a spunky bundle of 1924 moxie! Always on the go, Nanette is ready to trip the light fantastic for any occasion!

See her dressed in her swim wear, all the rage in 1924; every inch of skin covered except her bare arms. A scant daring, young Nanette!

Meet her All American boyfriend, a Phi Beta Capa~ David, the crazy Italian!
This sheik's the cat's meow!

And what about the beach? Nanette knows you can't go unprepared. You have to have a beach ball, it's the Jake!

And don't be a dumb dora, Nanette. It's the madcap two thousand elevens. We have hula hoops now!!!


If you need to cross the sound, why not trip upon a passing swan. All the kids are doing it!

"Whoopee," is all Nanette can muster.. This is one swanky bird!

Come on kids, lets get crazy nuts! Let's get a wiggle on and go to the drug store for a malt with an edge! Grab your berries and lets get zozzled on ice cream! 
Now you're the trolley!


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