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Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Faceless Faces

In this nameless, faceless, we-are-just-a-number world, what do we need with another faceless doll? Can't help it, there is yet one more featureless doll in the blog. She may be faceless, but she is not characterless!
Meet Superstar. She visited with Faceless Man and the Windom''ll know which one she is.

I gotta tell ya, interviewing all these mouthless, faceless people is a challenge on my part 
[See blog 4/5/11].

"Superstar! Wow, that is an impressive name. Did you get that name because you have reached some lofty goal, or is is a nickname perhaps?"

"Ohhhhhh, you got the name from your Mother...well, isn't that just dandy. I can see you have very long legs! It's clear you are not a member of the Windom, or Face less Man's family..heh heh."

"WOW! Easier to pick up your leg then, isn't it? Look at that Mrs. Windom, she can clear your head and then some. Actually, she could clear the couch with those legs."

"Oh my, isn't that a cozy picture? Well, Superstar, I didn't really mean you needed to clear the couch with your impressive gams. Uh... are you alright Mr. Windom?
I think you're turning pink."

Superstar, clearly you have been blessed with many talents!"

("I don't think tact or decorum is one of them.")

"Nice splits, by the way."

"OOh, lunch time! Anyone for chicken legs?"

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