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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fontaine and the Deer

You would be amazed at the talents of this doll.  She is from Switzerland, and I suppose living in the Alps gets lonely from time to time, especially in the winter. So, she developed this special talent; Fontaine is a deer whisperer.

No matter where she roams, deer come up to her for a chat.

It is not for me to say, or for her to tell, what they whisper about, but Fontaine keeps very busy with her skill.

She whispers to ten point bucks, does and fawns.

My Mother taught me that it was not polite to whisper in front of others, and perhaps so did Fontaine's, so she created a chat room in which the deer and the antelope could play. There, she tunes into miniscule brains for a telepathathic chat.

She had her Great Grandmother, Reggie, paint a mural in her chat room to make her deer fellows feel more at home.

Now, not only deer show up. but also moose~

~and squirrel. 
(Sorry, I had to say that...get it? Moose and squirrel? Bull-winkle?)


Fontaine has shared conversations with some of the most elderly deer in the world, (even though they're numbers are low, due to the deer-in-headlights mentality).

She tries to teach her deer about road safety, and what every Doe wants but is afraid to ask, entitled Rutting For Chicks 101. Fontaine also teaches the deer how to polish their antlers incase they end up on a hunter's wall. Included in that lesson is keeping fit and trim as to not make fatty parts to spoil their meat.

It's a rare gift she has. Think of her if you see a passing deer. It's possible Fontaine has whispered sweet nothings in it's radar ears.

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