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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping Spree!

Madame Mahavira took in her apprentice today. Guess who LOVES sparkles, satins, silks, beads and feathers more than anyone else in the doll cabinet???

                guessed it......

                                              the crazy Egyptian!

Madame had to take a trip into the city for another rich customer's beckoning, and the Egyptian, who loves anything that shines,
 [ see blog 4/29/11 ], BEGGED to go along!

Madame, showed him the ropes.
Ropes of sequins, that is!

On to the trimmings!

Truly, he was an egyptian in paradise. On the way home, he pouted over not getting to pick out strands of beading to embellish his sarcophagus.

So Madame let him ride in the bags!

When she opened the bags...he was flushed feathers, bewildered with beads, ravished with ropings, and drunk on designs!

"Dancing by the Nile, the ladies love his style.
He could have won a grammy, buried in his jammies! King Tut!"

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